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We influence and leave a lasting impression.


We help clients to get their brand out into the public forum by creating bespoke campaigns tailored to create maximum impact. Our experience and fresh approach towards PR enables us to create trustworthy brands, providing our clients with ultimate visibility. Through our newsworthy press releases and events, and our exclusive black book, we secure nationwide publicity guaranteed to deliver lasting impressions and results.


Our umbrella of in-house PR divisions means we can showcase our brands to a wider audience within Consumer PR covering; Lifestyle, Luxury, Hospitality, Beauty, Fashion, Jewellery, Technology, and Music.

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 Why Us

We’ll strive to understand the bigger picture for our clients, seeking new and unique techniques to create a fresh and memorable approach.


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One Stop Shop

Forever PR is a ‘one stop shop’ that looks after all B2C Businesses and covers every Public Relations and Branding need. 



Our Brand Managers will create a bespoke campaign around you and your brand. We execute a 360° action plan to blanket the market and create an on-going campaign, focused on driving sales and publicity for your business.


Press team

Together with our brand manager’s our experienced press will come up with new and innovating angles. The press team use their vast network to help generate interview opportunities, product placement ideas, editorial features and many other opportunities to ensure maximum PR exposure from every angle possible.



We are very different from the standard PR Agency. We believe in working together with our competitors and companies in the same industry so we can create a stronger force when delivering our campaigns. With every cross promotion, collaboration and sponsorship opportunity we will analyse and look at every aspect to ensure it is right for our clients, therefore sending the right message to their audience.



We understand most business is generated through referrals and word of mouth so it helps to build a strong network of like-minded individuals who can help to take your business to the next level. Forever PR offer this support with our ‘Networking Services‘ which includes a diary of networking events tailored to each industry. Plus, we offer professional representatives who can attend on behalf of you or your business to help maximise opportunities. 


On call
When dealing with journalists and their tight deadlines, a lot of press requests can be last minute.
This is why Forever PR are on call 24/7 to ensure we never miss an opportunity!


        Contact us to discuss how we can promote you with a memorable approach, 01223 666929/  

Our Services


Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for


Forever Global

Our Global PR campaign targets the worldwide community. The PR campaign is designed for clients who are looking for international/global publicity. 

Forever National

Our National PR campaign aims to attract mainstream media attention, such as household brands. The campaign targets local, regional and national publications.

Forever Regional

Our Regional PR campaign is designed to build your first steps to positive PR and media attention, this campaign is ideal for local or new businesses that want to build-up their credibility amongst their local press. This is preferred by clients who want to promote a new product, service or event within their region.

Forever Digital

Our digital PR campaign is a great way to divert traffic to a website or generate a strong online presence/SEO. In all our campaigns we’ll provide you with social media support to maximise the impact of your message.

Forever Radio

Radio Plugging is mainly an avenue for music clients, however, if you have a newsworthy story or a human interest angle which would appeal to the general public this is a very effective way of getting that message out there.

Forever Broadcasting

 The most powerful way of building up your brands reputation and locking in the public’s interest. Forever PR work with a range of production companies, distribution agencies and producers to get our clients featured on TV. 

Forever Endorsements

A Network of international connections within the entertainment industry allows us to strategically identify what celebrities to align our clients with. Working closely with our events department, we can create guest appearances, product placement and sponsorship opportunities.

Forever Events

Our event planning and management team can organise events on behalf of your business whether it is a large conference, PR stunt, intimate dinner, charity ball or a product launch.

Forever Design

A picture tells a thousand words and so does your branding and logo. Our designer is just as passionate as the rest of our team and will design promotional material which flows effortlessly throughout the brand.

Forever Networking

Forever PR understands that networking and creating alliances are important for every industry which is why we can coordinate a professional in-house representative to attend on behalf of you or your company. Our networking services are a great way for you to ensure that you never miss an opportunity and is ideal for clients who are unable to attend major events. 

Create a campaign that lasts forever with Forever PR, 01223 666929/ 

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